Anbudiyar Vannakum

Dear devotee,

The Johannesburg Melrose Shree Siva Subramaniar Kovil
Board wishes to inform devotees of the following important announcements regarding the opening of the temple to the public from 03 February 2021 during this Covid19 Pandemic:-

  1. Temple will be open to the public and devotees for regular/daily prayer visits/worship but not major temple prayers as per our temple calendar.
  2. All devotees when visiting the temple, must wear a face mask covering their mouth and noses at all times, sanitize your hands and observe the social physical distancing rules.
  3. Devotees are encouraged to maintain silence and chant their mantras in their minds, while performing their activities at the temple
  4. Mandatory screening will done at the entrance (near the Ganesha temple) by a temple official including completion of a visitor’s register and temperature monitoring
  5. A maximum of 50 people will be allowed in the main temple arena at any time. A numbering system will be implemented for crowd control purposes, enforcing the first come visit basis. If the temple is full, please wait in your vehicle until it is suitable to enter.
  6. Persons over 60 years old and those with severe chronic conditions are encouraged to avoid attending the temple
  7. The Navagraha yegum/hawaan prayer will require an appointment and a limit on the number of people participating in each prayer session will be applied to safeguard the health of our Guru and fellow devotees.
  8. Following recent pronouncements by the President and Minister regarding increased Covid19 health risks and prohibition of hymn singing, Sunday service will continue to be held via Zoom only and not at the Temple.

These measures are designed to protect you and other devotees at the temple. These are extra ordinary measures in unprecedented times and we thank everyone for your understanding as your health and safety is of utmost importance to us.

The temple reserves its rights of admission.

Vetri Vel Muruganuku!

Mikka nandri
From the Johannesburg Melrose Shree Siva Subramaniar Temple executive, board of trustees/ directors and temple priests.

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