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A Temple, like any home, requires constant maintenance, upkeep and upgrades. The Board has just finished renovating our kitchen at a significant cost. The facility is now used to feed devotees during festivals and is hired out to feed wedding guests.

The following two major projects are in the pipeline:

  • Glass doors for the patio, where the Navargraha prayers are conducted.
  • Renovation of the Baalipeedam and Mayil structure in front of the Temple.

Recent Renovations:

  1. Sanding and painting of the palisade fencing
  2. Installation of cameras around the Temple and Priest quarters
  3. Installation of LED lights around the Temple
  4. Installation of solar powered night lights around the Temple, Priest quarters and toilets
  5. Renovation of the gate at the First Street entrance
  6. Renovation and upgrade of Guru’s kitchen, including installation of a gas stove
  7. Installation of gutters around the Temple
  8. Renovation of the patio where the Navargraha poojas are conducted
  9. Purchase of 125 new medium sized kavadies

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