The Johannesburg Melrose Shree Siva Subramaniar Temple Notification – 2021 Thai Poosam Kavady Festival

Dear Devotee,

Please note that the following Thai Poosam Kavady notice is being issued while we are at Level 1 of the national lockdown status. The Board of the Johannesburg  Melrose Shree Siva Subramaniar Temple reserves the right to make any further changes to its procedures  that would be required to comply with the national covid pandemic prevention measures should our lockdown levels increase over the next few weeks.

Please note that the Johannesburg  Melrose Shee Siva Subramaniar Temple’s 2021 Thai Poosam kavady festival will commence with the Flag hoisting on 19/01/21. The  Main day kavady will be held on Thursday, 28/01/21 and the Public day kavady on Sunday 31/01/21.

Due to the current Covid19 pandemic and restrictions on large public gatherings, the Temple Board has decided to change the format of our kavady festival in order to cater for our devotees needs while observing the safety protocols as set by our national government with regards to large religious gatherings for the safety of our devotees.

As the Temple will not be able to allow all kavady carriers to carry their kavadies on the Main/Public day due to the large crowd numbers, our temple will allow kavady  carriers in smaller groups to fulfill their vows of carrying their kavadies by carrying such during our daily prayer observances from 20/01 until 31/01/2020.

Kavady carriers will be restricted in numbers to the kavady carrier and 1 additional person assisting the kavady carrier during the daily prayer, I.e 2 persons per kavady. Kavady carriers are required to make their bookings in advance via email so as to assist us in our planning and logistics. The Temple is planning to host 60 kavadies on a daily basis during this Thai Poosam kavady festival. These numbers will be be based on a first come first serve basis, hence devotee booking is essential and mandatory.

Bookings will be confirmed with an allocated date via email  after you complete and submit the booking form. Dates allocated will be on a first come/first serve basis.

We urge all our devotees who are not carrying kavadies to give preference to our kavady carriers to come to the temple during this Thai Poosam Kavady festival. Devotees not carrying kavadies should rather spend the afternoon in prayer and observance at home. The Temple intends broadcasting the daily kavady prayer on one of the social media outlets, currently Zoom.

Points to note :

1) Devotees to arrive by  4pm on their allocated day with their allocated reference no.

Devotees will be required to wash their own kavadies so as to minimize physical contact with their kavadies. The Temple will provide all ingredients for the kavady abeshegum.

2) Maximum number of 250 people will be allowed on the temple grounds at all times during the daily prayer

3) The daily prayers will be held on temple grounds and Devotees will carry their kavady around temple only.

4) Parking will be in Chinese park, entrance via  3rd street AND Temple parking via 1st Street entrance

5) Accompanying persons – kavady carrier – only one person; chariot pulling –not more than five persons.

6) Devotees wishing to contribute to daily obeyams, please contact Mr Mags Padayachee (071 609 0620).

7) Deadline for bookings is 10/01/21. No bookings will be accepted after this date.